Sunday, April 24, 2011

Miss me?

It's been awhile.  :)
Life has carried us to a new apartment in my favorite Seattle neighborhood - Ballard! - while we are still trying to get settled, we are loving the location, the people, and the stress free atmosphere.  I had no idea what a difference in my life this move would make!
Today we got our chores and shopping done, found a new (to us) fruit stand, wandered the locks, and soaked up as much sunshine as possible, I loved every minute!  :)
My goals for tomorrow include: trying out a new yoga class at the gym, laundry, and an afternoon nap if I can manage it.  :) 
We are grilling a whole chicken for Easter, I have made breakfast burritos for the week, and will make some salad for lunches.  I would like to try to do some menu planning for the week tomorrow, and several people have mentioned recently that they try to learn one new thing each year.  I like that idea, and though it is April, I want to think about what I might like to try this year.
What are your plans for the rest of the weekend?  :)