Monday, September 10, 2012

A race behind in my postings!

Lake Union 10k!  This was easily my favorite distance, I didn't train, I didn't worry, and I rocked the whole thing! 
Is there such a thing as a cake run?  :)

My 'to-do list' is making me happy

It goes like this....
Zion trip - pack toothpaste, snacks
Apples, a pumpkin
Send halloween cards
10/30: 5 mile run, fremont coffee (seek out fancy coffee design for birthday treat), maybe Seattle Tilth for dinner? , chocolate anglefood cake with whipped cream and raspberry sauce
10/31: cafe, spa - body scrub and facial
Make cranberry sauce
Make lemon curd
Make 2012 video
Sign up for Anchorage marathon and buy airline tickets, road id
Buy australia ticket
Look for a destination race or yoga retreat for alone vacation
2013 - make a weekly 'my everyday life' post for blog, pics and little happy things for 52 weeks
....what is making you happy?  :)