Saturday, August 24, 2013

Week 34

Hello from Saturday night.  :)
Fall was in the air this week, and mornings darker.
I fell in love with a thousand hikes this week, dreaming of my annual fall hiking adventure with my friend Heather.   Passed the CMS1 test this morning, 4 down, 4 to go for my CEBS - I can't tell you the sence of relief experienced with each 'Congratulations' that pops up after clicking 'submit exam for grading'.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Week 33

What a crappy week.  There, I said it. 
But maybe that is how I would feel about any week in which I have a headache every day of the week.  It was never ending, so I took myself to the spa.  The body scrub, seaweed wrap, cooling facial, and head rub was just what the doctor ordered, got rid of the headache but gained a full body rash (I am guessing from the seaweed?).  Oh well, at least I didn't have a headache today!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


It is painful hearing that someone doesn't believe in your vision.  Doesn't believe in you, doesn't like you.  And difficult to be that person's manager.  Today was painful, a learning experience.
This has been a rough week!  Wednesday will be better!  :)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week 32

A weird week, I took myself to a movie, changed banks, spent time with girlfriends,  but also an earth shattering work week, and suddenly one of my Uncles passed away. 
I am not really good in these situations,  D is much better.  He gives good hugs and knows that a pretty latte will make me smile.  I am so thankful for the love in my life.  ♥

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Week 31

Lol... I have this fear, 31 weeks into the year, that I will now somehow miss a week without realizing. 
This week was busy.  And stressful. 
But the weekend boardered on bliss.  Not that we really did anything, but that it was nice in that sweetness.
Saturday we participated in our first ever garage sale.  We did well, selling our bikes, some art supplies, and a few knick knacks.  We will use the money to pay for the next few months of our rent increase.. or vacation.   Yes, vacation.  :)
Today we stuck to routine: farmer's market and then the gym.  We tried a new to us fruit: cherry plums - loved them!  The taste of a red plum, but just a touch bigger than a cherry, you just pop them in your mouth and chew around the plum pit. 
Beautiful days at the market are always that much better when you come home with flowers and delicious fruits.