Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

12 things at Christmas (yep, it is becoming an annual tradition!):
1.  Quick trip to Oregon this weekend to see my parents, but sadly my Dad had to stay home due to bad weather and housesitter problems.
2.  Mom's trip also got scrambled, but it was nice to have her camped out on the coach during her Seattle layover.  It has been a long time since I have seen my parents on Christmas!
3.  David went crazy with the Christmas gifts this year: hair salon, yoga, and a terrarium!
4.  I passed my 1st CEBS test, still pretty thrilled about that!
5.  After working 70 hour weeks, and being so stressed about that test, I am feeling a bit lost to not have to multi task every minute.
6.  I am really looking forward to starting marathon training.  Crazy, I know.  :)
7.  I am also really looking forward to running my first marathon.  It is amazing how perspective changes in just a year.
8.  My motto for 2012 was that I could do anything.  I really taught myself that.  ♥
9.  My motto for 2013 is to be kind to myself, and thankful for each day, each adventure, each friendship and each relationship.
10.  I really hope to end 2013 in the 180s.  I can do 10 pounds, see, I am being kind to myself!  :)
11.  I am really hopeful for the new year.  I get antsy at this time of year, I always feel ready to go!  And this year is no different, 2013 is going to be beautiful, wonderful, I can feel it.
12.  I missed my coffee this morning and have spent the entire day really looking forward to tomorrow's cup.  :)

Saturday, December 22, 2012


2013 has been on my mind today.  What can I say, I am a planner! 
For the coming year my goal is to just try to relax, enjoy this year, to be thankful.  I would like to travel, date myself, and date my love more.  Go to hot yoga (often) and end the year another ten pounds lighter.  I will become a marathoner, visit my home state and see friends from long ago.
I will find time to kayak the lakes, and yes, I need to take the water taxi to the beach. 
I am going to rock this new job of mine, watch my love graduate, and become (I am certain) an amazing chef.
In 2013 I hope for dinners and time with friends, wine country, apples, a Christmas tree, I will make time for the holidays and traditions with David.
What do you have planned?

I passed!

My life lately has been a series of 70 hour work weeks, studying for a required test, not really having time to eat (coffee!  Weight loss!), workout, or take care with myself.
But today, all of that work paid off, and I an so happy to report that I passed the 1st of 8 tests needed for my CEBS designation.  I really almost cried, I wanted to scream and shout (not at all appropriate in a silent testing center), and am still utterly amazed by that stamped and sealed page issuing congratulations.
It is amazing to me where this year has taken me.  So far away from where I thought I would be, but it isn't a bad place.
I feel like I have made it through the rough bit, at work the stage where yes we have given you the job, but have you lived up to criteria set forth in the offer letter to earn that raise?  And will you be able to accomplish a designation required in order to keep that fancy new job?
Today the answer is yes.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Month of November

The last month has brought late birthday cake, and sunny winter walks.  Too much work, and not enough play are pushing me close to burn out, but I am managing with a newly discovered a love of hot yoga, and a few short runs in the cold.
David's cooking has gotten even better - we discovered persimmons (yum!), made fresh pasta, shellfish, sausages, cheese, flan... and I'm sure there are a million other things, it is amazing the food coming out of this tiny apartment kitchen.  :)
I am proud to say that I have finished and mailed all of my Christmas cards!  I think we may forgo a Christmas tree this year, but I am making peppermint bark snowflakes to take into work, and giving my staff movie tickets.  I will probably bake some cookies and I have quite a few jars of jam - that should take care of everyone.  :)
In two weeks I have a major test to take for work which I am not feeling prepared for, but once that is done I should be able to enjoy the last of the year.  Christmas with David, a quick trip to see my parents in Oregon, and then celebrating New Year's and our anniversary.  I can't believe it has been 5 years!
How are you bringing in the new year?  :)