Thursday, March 5, 2015


I am listening and I might even be catching on….
Family health concerns lead to diet plans for birthday gifts, and I will be honest, it made my heart hurt.  I have forgiven childhood issues and tried to move on, but the past has certainly hurt my present and I just don’t want to play along the same pattern lines anylonger.

So!  I am noticing gym time, how often I go even when I have had a long day, how great I feel after a tough workout!  I am complimenting my love for being so patient with me during lifting sessions.  I am listening to sound advice, making healthy choices to spend more time, to have more time with those that I LOVE.

I am choosing not to spend Thanksgiving with my parents,  I am letting myself pick something healthier.  I am not looking for love, I am loving myself.  I am going to yoga, reading a book, taking pictures.  I am working on 2014 goals!
I might make some mistakes along the way, but I feel like I am making progress, like I an on the right path - I am feeling hopeful!


Today was one of the hardest days I have ever experienced in a professional capacity. 
This is a note to remember that sometimes you fail, sometimes you make mistakes even when you have the very best intentions.   And that is ok.  It is hurting my heart right now, but I keep telling myself that life is not about what happens; how you deal with situations is what really defines you. 
I am going to learn from this as much as I can.  Henceforth I am treating my professional life like marathon training!  I can handle being uncomfortable and uncertain.  I am smart and capable and can learn and grow.


Training starts on 03/01 for my first ultra (49k on 08/17 in Anchorage, AK).  But in the meantime I have a Tough Mudder planned at the end of April in Vegas, the Seattle Rock & Roll Marathon at the end of June, and a half in Anchorage at the end of July.
Lots of travel and running planned!  ♥
I am also looking for my next distance - plans for my first ultra marathon in 2015!  Anyone have any good 50 miler recommendations?   :)