Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 Goals in Review

I had quite a few goals for 2014, but unfortunately was not able to complete them all - I am trying to keep my list for 2015 short and so I don't run into the same difficulties.

▶ I am going to make (and use) a gratitude/art journal for 2014, I will post a monthly photo,  but my goal is to focus on the generosity of the world, the good things I tend to overlook.
I started this in an attempt to rediscover what makes me happy, to remember that I am bold, brave, and beautiful... I had lost a little bit of that along the way, but spent 12/2013 - 04/2014 really focusing on me.  Lol.... Yes, the start of 2014 was all about me, but the time really helped me to refocus on the parts of me that are good, the parts I like and am proud of.

▶ I am going to take swimming lessons.
I actually  took two sessions and really enjoyed them!  I would like to sign up for another class in the near future!

▶ I will visit another new country!
Though I had countless weekend adventures this year, I sadly did not earn another stamp in my passport!  I am changing that in 2015!

▶ I will have legitimate intitials after my name
Done!  I earned my CEBS designation in April, 2014.  I am going to try for two more designations in 2015.

▶ I will kayak lake union
I have this on my list every year, and I have yet to do this!

▶ I will put myself out there and run with a club
I hurt my foot pretty badly this year and have not run with a group yet.  I have run (frequently) with a friend from work though!

▶ I will try a new restaurant by myself
Lol... I shouldn't have added this as a goal, I do this all the time - I like new adventures!  :)

▶ I will take a cooking class 
This didn't happen, maybe a future year.

▶ I will host a dinner party
This didn't happen either.

▶ I will be kind but honest in my personal relationships,  including how I treat myself. 
I feel like I was really successful in this area, growing as a partner and as a manager.

▶ I will take a selfie once a month
I am not good at selfies!  Lol... I tried for a few months, but I am not excited about any of those pics!

▶ I will buy a new bike and ride to work

▶ I will run my first ultra!

▶ I will work to make a new friend
I tried, but wow, this is another area that I am not good at!  :)