Thursday, March 5, 2015


I am listening and I might even be catching on….
Family health concerns lead to diet plans for birthday gifts, and I will be honest, it made my heart hurt.  I have forgiven childhood issues and tried to move on, but the past has certainly hurt my present and I just don’t want to play along the same pattern lines anylonger.

So!  I am noticing gym time, how often I go even when I have had a long day, how great I feel after a tough workout!  I am complimenting my love for being so patient with me during lifting sessions.  I am listening to sound advice, making healthy choices to spend more time, to have more time with those that I LOVE.

I am choosing not to spend Thanksgiving with my parents,  I am letting myself pick something healthier.  I am not looking for love, I am loving myself.  I am going to yoga, reading a book, taking pictures.  I am working on 2014 goals!
I might make some mistakes along the way, but I feel like I am making progress, like I an on the right path - I am feeling hopeful!


Today was one of the hardest days I have ever experienced in a professional capacity. 
This is a note to remember that sometimes you fail, sometimes you make mistakes even when you have the very best intentions.   And that is ok.  It is hurting my heart right now, but I keep telling myself that life is not about what happens; how you deal with situations is what really defines you. 
I am going to learn from this as much as I can.  Henceforth I am treating my professional life like marathon training!  I can handle being uncomfortable and uncertain.  I am smart and capable and can learn and grow.


Training starts on 03/01 for my first ultra (49k on 08/17 in Anchorage, AK).  But in the meantime I have a Tough Mudder planned at the end of April in Vegas, the Seattle Rock & Roll Marathon at the end of June, and a half in Anchorage at the end of July.
Lots of travel and running planned!  ♥
I am also looking for my next distance - plans for my first ultra marathon in 2015!  Anyone have any good 50 miler recommendations?   :)


It's time for bed. 
Bed because today was a lot to handle in one day: one of my team gave her notice, and my partner got laid off today.
Yep, that's a big day.
I am really hoping that I can lump in the sprained ankle,  call that the three strikes and be done with it.  Because Wednesday at 8am I am taking my 7th test required for work, and I am terribly nervous. 

So instead of fretting,  I am going to tell a secret.   I am dreaming of a 100 mile run. It's mad I know, but as they say, if your dreams don't scare you they aren't big enough.   This year I am running my first ultra (49k or just over 30 miles).  Next year. I hope to run 50 miles, and after that??? Well, we'll see where my big dreams can carry me.  :)  Yes, this is a much nicer focus for the day. 

Night night!


I had acupuncture and a massage today - trying everything I possibly can to get back to training. 
I should have taken a pic of the pin sticking out of my forehead. lol... instead I will give you food prep.  :)
The tough mudder at the end of April is coming up fast, I am telling my ankle to chop chop lollipop,  we've got some miles to run!


Today I didn't come anywhere near the 20 miles on my training plan, but I am so thankful for the 5 miles that I was able to do!  I feel like I am starting to figure out what is going on with my left foot/ankle/calf and it is getting better!
Excited to be running again!


BUSY season at work: training 3 new people/test retake on Saturday/client visit next week/upcoming work trip the first week of May;. PLUS *Tough Mudder* just sent our start time for Sunday!!! 04/27/2014 is going to be an awesome day! 
Right now I am tackling one day at a time and really looking forward to that one - there is nothing like accomplishing big goals!


10 miles + a 26 mile bike ride with friends was the plan for the day.  I added stairs, because I felt guilty for not doing the 13 miles on my training plan….. when I got home I saw pictures on Facebook of Alaska friends preparing for tomorrow’s tri so I googled the distance:
.93 mile swim
25 mile bike ride
and 6.2 mile run

Whoa.  I keep thinking that I am not doing enough training for the ultra in August,  but then I keep stumbling into awesome days like this!


I do this thing when personally challenged, I fight.

Sometimes my persistence is my best quality, allowing me to run my first ultra in 5:50 with a bruised heel bone. But as sometimes this attribute causes me to struggle within myself - do I give in or not, what is the best couse of action?

What would you do if you felt like your staff was being attacked and your job drastically changing?  Do I rise to the occasion?  Or do I stand my ground and fight for what I belive in?

This is always a tough call for me, and inevitably when I wish for a life manual.

Monday, March 2, 2015

2015: Week 9

Though sick all week, I snuck out of the house and warm bed for an early am 5k on Sunday.  :)  It was easily the highlight of my week because really, it is an awesome thing to have a friend willing to run a 5k with you at 6:45 in the morning.  :)

Gratitude 03/02/2015

Today I wandered through some of my favorite Seattle spots. Laughed to myself remembering my third date with David (he took me to the Market Theater for an improv show, the lights were low and I promptly tumbled down the stairs getting to our seats!  Who knows why he asked for a fourth date).  :)
I bought half of a red papaya for desert, it was delicious!
Some mango suckers covered in chille and some pinapple mint tea that may now be my favorite tea.
It was sunny, the pictures turned out beautifully, the afternoon just made me happy.