Thursday, March 5, 2015


I am listening and I might even be catching on….
Family health concerns lead to diet plans for birthday gifts, and I will be honest, it made my heart hurt.  I have forgiven childhood issues and tried to move on, but the past has certainly hurt my present and I just don’t want to play along the same pattern lines anylonger.

So!  I am noticing gym time, how often I go even when I have had a long day, how great I feel after a tough workout!  I am complimenting my love for being so patient with me during lifting sessions.  I am listening to sound advice, making healthy choices to spend more time, to have more time with those that I LOVE.

I am choosing not to spend Thanksgiving with my parents,  I am letting myself pick something healthier.  I am not looking for love, I am loving myself.  I am going to yoga, reading a book, taking pictures.  I am working on 2014 goals!
I might make some mistakes along the way, but I feel like I am making progress, like I an on the right path - I am feeling hopeful!

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