Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Guilty Girl TV Night

David meets up with friends to play guitar on Wednesdays, so by default (i.e. absence of male influence) Wednesdays become guilty girl TV night.  Okay, I don't sit around eating bon bons or anything (actually I don't think I really even know what a bon bon is, maybe they are delicious?), I have been known to add in a bit of laundry, do the dishes, make lunches, clean the house, give myself a pedicure, read a book, and perhaps even a magazine?  I catch up on facebook, blog, and chat with my Mon, but aside from all of that, I always make an effort to sneak in a chick flick or two.
How do you indulge your inner chick?  :)
Happy Wednesday!

(almost) Wordless Wednesday

Kangaroo Farms are cool!

The Outback Kangaroo Farm
10030  SR 530 NE
Arlington, WA 98223

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Putting a plan into action.

When you know you have something to work on, how do you make it a reality?

My personal goal has been to reconnect with what makes me happy, what I enjoy doing, what is fun for me, and what I find rewarding.  Spring fever seems to be hitting hard this year, David and I have a lot of plans up in the air, I would like to plan a trip, and am still working on all of my life list/goals for 2010.  It has become clear: I need a plan!

Something you maybe didn't know about me?  I love a good list.  :)

So on Monday I planned my free time out, lunch hour and after work, getting in my workouts, and time for cards, research time and play time... but then I bought an iPhone.  Yikes!  That thing is seriously hard to put down!

Okay, it was on my list of things to do, see on Tuesday?  I was actually checking something that I have been wanting to do off!  Oh, another thing I love?  Gadgets!  lol....  Yep, lists and gadgets, this is my inner nerd.  :)  Anyway, I could ramble for ages about my new found addiction to this phone (it has an app to track my calories, workouts and weight loss! - well, there are apps for EVERYTHING!)  lol....  but suffice it to say, that purchase threw off the plan a bit.  I missed my Tuesday evening workout, and yesterday I worked out during lunch but took the evening off for a marathon of Project Runway.  Today will be rearranged a bit for a DATE NIGHT!  lol...  Which everyone knows, is way more important than that planned workout (it is getting bumped to lunch time)!

I guess the moral of my Thursday AM story is that I am making some lists, focusing on what I want, and trying to cut myself some slack (because sometimes things come up that are more important).  How is this week treating you?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Spring

After injuring my behind, my doctor recommended walking to aid the healing process, and I was so happy to comply last weekend!  The weather and trees are beautiful here, so I thought I would share some of our early spring.

Recently, I have been spending a lot of time fixated on what makes me happy.  When have I been happiest?  Where?
How do you answer those questions?

Some of my favorite memories in Seattle involve living across the street from the Ballard Locks, I would run up to Golden Gardens, hike around Discovery Park, wander streets of Ballard, I really enjoyed the city there, felt safe, healthy, and happy.

I love exploring parks, farmers markets, small streets lined with shops, I love holding my boyfriend's hand, giving him funny looks, planning vacations, drawing, traveling, spending time with my parents, exploring new places with my friends Carrie and Heather, I love organizing, clean spaces, buying smaller clothes, coffee, dates, and Seattle rain.  I hope all of those things can be incorporated into this year.  :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring and a sprained behind

Today is the first day of Spring!  Did you notice a warm breeze in your area?
I had deep thoughts planned to share with you today, this week has been thought filled, contemplating what I want to do, do I want to plan independent trips, move to other states, be forever grouchy with my boyfriend?  lol...  I'm sure he loves the prospect of the last one.  :)
...but those musings will have to wait for another day, it seems I may have sprained my butt!  lol...  Yes, it is pretty funny, you can go ahead and laugh, I wont mind.  :)
I was doing kettle bell swings with a weight that was a bit too much for me, hopefully it gets better, if not I may have to be 'belted'.... my doctors' term, not mine!
So I am off to relax my behind, I hope this spring day finds you in good cheer, go take a walk this weekend and enjoy the season!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Sweetest thing

In keeping with my goals for 2010, I have sent out little packages and handmade cards to 10 friends and family members for both January and February and plan to work on March this weekend!
Though we are only two/three months into the year, I really have loved this experience.  The goal to 'give a little more love' and send out cards each month has pushed me a little to make time for artwork, and I have  reconnected with two friends that I may have otherwise lost touch with.  Even better - my friend Jen has decided to send me a package containing an exotic food item once a month in response!  Everyone loves getting mail and especially presents in the mail, but this was such a nice surprise! 
Does anyone know of a good recipe for something containing guava paste?  :)
Hope you guys have had an equally exciting week!  :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My first two new restaurants of the year

Okay, I have two Seattle area restaurants to add toward my goal of visiting 5  -

A Caribbean sandwich shop in Fremont; Paseo features a crazy long line, they only takes cash, and they are closed on Sundays and Mondays, but I have to tell you, it was love at first bite!  I grabbed this pic off of flickr because I was too busy eating to even think of my camera, Paseo is really that good.  :)  Our friends scored a table inside (I think there are only 4 or 5, so be prepaired to take your food to go), and we chowed down on four of the *Most Popular* Cuban roast sandwiches.  They are messy,  napkins need to be at the ready, but the food is so good you may just be tempted to lick your fingers instead of politely wiping.  :)  (Don't say I didn't warn you!)  lol....

Today I met some girlfriends at the Portage Bay Cafe in Ballard.  They feature local and organic food - all of which was DIVINE!
Might I just make one suggestions?
Order the French Toast.
They have a toppings bar featuring fresh fruit and organic maple syrup, all kinds of lovely eggs and juices, the staff was amazing, the restaurant light and airy, we loved it!  The line for Sunday afternoon brunch was long, and they don't take reservations, but call ahead and have your name added to the list, it cut our wait time down to 10 minutes.

12 hours of painting....

Yesterday (after achieving fancy hair status - how I love the Aveda Institute!) I spent 12 hours painting.
Yes, 12.
Though, I have to say, the end results were worth the effort; my bathroom now looks like it belongs in a hotel! Originally scheduled to be 'clover brook' a dark blue green, this talk of selling prompted a change.  Now a warm coco color and matching the freshly painted entryway and accent walls in the bedroom and living room, the condo's color scheme seems to tie together nicely.  :)

Sorry for the dark pics, I was trying to capture my work at midnight!  :)  Anyway, I am on to the kitchen next, no more painting needed, but this room needs some reorganizing!
I know we have tons of stuff, everyone does, but I do love dropping stuff off at Value Village (for a tax write off!), so it always surprises me when I have to put this much work into cleaning and organizing.  What do you guys think?  Do you long for gifts of cleaning services, or just close the closet and walk away?  :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shiny and New!

I'm sorry I missed my self imposed Friday deadline, life (as always it seems) has been busy.  I spent Friday evening cleaning, organizing, and asking the question:  Would you buy my house?
I am meeting with my real estate agent on Monday to discuss the possibility of selling a space that has become far too small for us, in a neighborhood that has become a bit too dangerous for us.  It is nice to be able to walk to work every day, but I think if we are able to sell we will then rent for awhile in Ballard, my favorite part of the city.
We'll see what she has to say, but in the mean time, my house is getting quite the spring cleaning!  :)