Thursday, March 25, 2010

Putting a plan into action.

When you know you have something to work on, how do you make it a reality?

My personal goal has been to reconnect with what makes me happy, what I enjoy doing, what is fun for me, and what I find rewarding.  Spring fever seems to be hitting hard this year, David and I have a lot of plans up in the air, I would like to plan a trip, and am still working on all of my life list/goals for 2010.  It has become clear: I need a plan!

Something you maybe didn't know about me?  I love a good list.  :)

So on Monday I planned my free time out, lunch hour and after work, getting in my workouts, and time for cards, research time and play time... but then I bought an iPhone.  Yikes!  That thing is seriously hard to put down!

Okay, it was on my list of things to do, see on Tuesday?  I was actually checking something that I have been wanting to do off!  Oh, another thing I love?  Gadgets!  lol....  Yep, lists and gadgets, this is my inner nerd.  :)  Anyway, I could ramble for ages about my new found addiction to this phone (it has an app to track my calories, workouts and weight loss! - well, there are apps for EVERYTHING!)  lol....  but suffice it to say, that purchase threw off the plan a bit.  I missed my Tuesday evening workout, and yesterday I worked out during lunch but took the evening off for a marathon of Project Runway.  Today will be rearranged a bit for a DATE NIGHT!  lol...  Which everyone knows, is way more important than that planned workout (it is getting bumped to lunch time)!

I guess the moral of my Thursday AM story is that I am making some lists, focusing on what I want, and trying to cut myself some slack (because sometimes things come up that are more important).  How is this week treating you?

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TJ said...

I like to plan, and I like lists! I put my pool workouts on my iCalendar and because the pool is only open certain times of the day if I don't schedule it in I will miss it!

I LOVE my iPhone and can not imagine my life without it....ever! lol :) ENJOY!