Sunday, March 7, 2010

12 hours of painting....

Yesterday (after achieving fancy hair status - how I love the Aveda Institute!) I spent 12 hours painting.
Yes, 12.
Though, I have to say, the end results were worth the effort; my bathroom now looks like it belongs in a hotel! Originally scheduled to be 'clover brook' a dark blue green, this talk of selling prompted a change.  Now a warm coco color and matching the freshly painted entryway and accent walls in the bedroom and living room, the condo's color scheme seems to tie together nicely.  :)

Sorry for the dark pics, I was trying to capture my work at midnight!  :)  Anyway, I am on to the kitchen next, no more painting needed, but this room needs some reorganizing!
I know we have tons of stuff, everyone does, but I do love dropping stuff off at Value Village (for a tax write off!), so it always surprises me when I have to put this much work into cleaning and organizing.  What do you guys think?  Do you long for gifts of cleaning services, or just close the closet and walk away?  :)

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