Friday, March 12, 2010

The Sweetest thing

In keeping with my goals for 2010, I have sent out little packages and handmade cards to 10 friends and family members for both January and February and plan to work on March this weekend!
Though we are only two/three months into the year, I really have loved this experience.  The goal to 'give a little more love' and send out cards each month has pushed me a little to make time for artwork, and I have  reconnected with two friends that I may have otherwise lost touch with.  Even better - my friend Jen has decided to send me a package containing an exotic food item once a month in response!  Everyone loves getting mail and especially presents in the mail, but this was such a nice surprise! 
Does anyone know of a good recipe for something containing guava paste?  :)
Hope you guys have had an equally exciting week!  :)


TJ said...

Guava paste, sounds interesting! :) Handmade cards are the best! :)

Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

I agree.. homemade cards are awesome!

Guava paste... hmmm... I wonder if it would be like jam???

RedPen said...

Hi ... Guava paste is sooo yummy. I suggest having it on a cheese platter with really strong tasty cheddar, a blue cheese and some nice water biccies.

hope this helps

PS - just discovered your blog. Love it!