Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 Goals in Review

I had quite a few goals for 2014, but unfortunately was not able to complete them all - I am trying to keep my list for 2015 short and so I don't run into the same difficulties.

▶ I am going to make (and use) a gratitude/art journal for 2014, I will post a monthly photo,  but my goal is to focus on the generosity of the world, the good things I tend to overlook.
I started this in an attempt to rediscover what makes me happy, to remember that I am bold, brave, and beautiful... I had lost a little bit of that along the way, but spent 12/2013 - 04/2014 really focusing on me.  Lol.... Yes, the start of 2014 was all about me, but the time really helped me to refocus on the parts of me that are good, the parts I like and am proud of.

▶ I am going to take swimming lessons.
I actually  took two sessions and really enjoyed them!  I would like to sign up for another class in the near future!

▶ I will visit another new country!
Though I had countless weekend adventures this year, I sadly did not earn another stamp in my passport!  I am changing that in 2015!

▶ I will have legitimate intitials after my name
Done!  I earned my CEBS designation in April, 2014.  I am going to try for two more designations in 2015.

▶ I will kayak lake union
I have this on my list every year, and I have yet to do this!

▶ I will put myself out there and run with a club
I hurt my foot pretty badly this year and have not run with a group yet.  I have run (frequently) with a friend from work though!

▶ I will try a new restaurant by myself
Lol... I shouldn't have added this as a goal, I do this all the time - I like new adventures!  :)

▶ I will take a cooking class 
This didn't happen, maybe a future year.

▶ I will host a dinner party
This didn't happen either.

▶ I will be kind but honest in my personal relationships,  including how I treat myself. 
I feel like I was really successful in this area, growing as a partner and as a manager.

▶ I will take a selfie once a month
I am not good at selfies!  Lol... I tried for a few months, but I am not excited about any of those pics!

▶ I will buy a new bike and ride to work

▶ I will run my first ultra!

▶ I will work to make a new friend
I tried, but wow, this is another area that I am not good at!  :)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Kauai, the last tidbits

What can I say?  I loved the trip to Hawaii - it was exhausting and relaxing,  at times one of the hardest things I have done, but those were also some of the best parts in the end. 
Heather and I both said no more backpacking after Na Pali,  but maybe I am just an ultra light backpacker?  Time will tell. 
I do know that I always have an amazing time when traveling with Heather - can't wait for our next hiking adventure in October!  

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kauai day 6, Honopu Ridge Trail

We trekked to the end of the road, stopped at all of the Waimea Canyon lookouts, and hiked the thorny bush trail (we renamed it).  Capped day 6 off with a nighttime soak in the hot tub, attempting to loosen our stiff muscles.   There is sure to be more adventure tomorrow!

Kauai day 5, rest day!

Kauai day 5 was a rest day, but we still managed to find a damn good salad, our first rainbow, Queens Bath, and a wee bit of adventure!  (We may have such through a stranger's yard while attempting to catch the sunset!   Lol....)

Kauai days 2-4, Hiking the Na Pali Coast

The hike along the 11 miles of Na Pali coastline to Kalalau was amazing,  challenging,  exhausting, and breathtaking.  We hiked along cliff sides, drank from mountain streams, swam in a cave and showered in a waterfall.  We watched sunset, stars, and sunrise on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  Met a pirate, Hawaiian chief,  and some naked hippies.  Tried noni (tastes like blue cheese!) and passion fruit right from the tree.  Capped it off with a boat ride that made me glad to be alive - Na Pali is truly an amazing place. 

Kauai day 1

Found Heather and got our gear together for our Na Pali coast hike, we are off tomorrow!

Her Tern Half

What a great race! 
The Her Tern Half marathon runs along the Chester Creek trails providing a shady and beautiful course.  I struggled a bit with foot pain, but settled in with a lovely group of girls and finished in 2:45.  Not my fastest half, but not my slowest either.
Next year Heather and I are talking about running a marathon in Cordova,  sounds like fun! 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My to do list

I keep a running list of the things that I need to or would like to accomplish throughout the year.  What does your to do list look like?

book chiropractic appt
run discovery park
run kerry park/queen anne stair climb
all clad saucier pan - 3 quart
When is Aunt C's birthday - 07/10?
run capital hill stair climb
new ID

quarterly meeting
yoga in the park
AK Ultra
Columbia tower observation deck
ck to see when Wild will be released

preservative free flu shot
09/14 trip to san fran
hike with H - Bryce canyon?

Washington outdoor women's camp?
quarterly meeting
sign up for 2015 50 miler - Wisconsin?

look at the LTC plan during AE
staff reviews
thanksgiving potluck

bird seed stars and gingerbread men
crackers with a hat/jokes
book Kilimanjaro trip

Sunday, May 25, 2014

A good life

I am struggling with foot pain, but you know what?  This is what I want my life to look like... early morning race, brunch with good friends,  a nap (of champions), movie and popcorn,  and a walk home in the rain.... these are the moments that make up a really good day.  ♥

Saturday, March 15, 2014

As of 03/15/2014

Beautiful sunny weekdays and pouring-down-rainey weekends seem determined to solidify my dislike of running in the rain.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Training with a 15k kick off!

Last weekend a friend and I ran the Seattle Hot Chocolate 15k.  We froze our butts off, but this was my friend's first 15k (really her first distance over 6 miles), and she did so well! 
It was also my first time running a race with someone which I really loved.  We will be doing a repeat with our next race - St. Patty's Day Dash on 03/16!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Today was a lot.

It's time for bed. 
Bed because today was a lot to handle in one day: one of my team gave her notice, and my partner got laid off today.
Yep, that's a big day.
I am really hoping that I can lump in the sprained ankle,  call that the three strikes and be done with it.  Because Wednesday at 8am I am taking my 7th test required for work, and I am terribly nervous. 

So instead of fretting,  I am going to tell a secret.   I am dreaming of a 100 mile run... It's mad I know, but as they say, if your dreams don't scare you they aren't big enough.   This year I am running my first ultra (49k or just over 30 miles).  Next year. I hope to run 50 miles, and after that??? Well, we'll see where my big dreams can carry me.  :)  Yes, this is a much nicer focus for the day. 

Night night!

Monday, February 17, 2014

As of 02/17/2014

Still recovering,  so no running pictures,  but I have still collected a few to share.  :)
We had a bit of snow, a busy week, and a very happy Valentine's day. 
I have this habit of making fancy reservations for special days... only to then beg D to cancel last minute.  Lol... thankfully he is so understanding and always seems to come up with an even better plan.  ♥
This year I did something new and had a make up consult at Sephora - it was so fun!  I don't think I have ever looked so glamorous!   D then picked me up with flowers,  we explored our favorite wine shop (I bought him a few bottles to expand our collection), and then picked up Thai.  It was the best end to a crazy week to drink wine and share some Thai while hanging out on the couch together.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

As of 02/08/2014

I've been running, lifting, swimming.   There was some mayhem in the city after the Seahawks won the super bowl, the most people I have ever seen in one place, all so happy!  In the crowds I was accidentally tripped and sprained my ankle,  but I'll live, I'm a tough cookie! 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

As of 01/11/2014

So far this year.... I have ran, tried a pull up or two, and signed up to run a Tough Mudder.  Sweet days.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

14 new things for 2014

Here is my main ambition for 2014:  be amazing.  To challenge myself and don't allow myself an out.  To be uncomfortable,  to learn, to grow.
So this year instead of weekly pictures,  I have picked 14 new things that I would like to try or accomplish in 2014 (also noted under the Life List tab):

▶ I am going to make (and use) a gratitude/art journal for 2014, I will post a monthly photo,  but my goal is to focus on the generosity of the world, the good things I tend to overlook.
▶ I am going to take swimming lessons... yep, I'll be honest,  I'm scared!
▶ I will visit another new country!
▶ I will have legitimate intitials after my name
▶ I will kayak lake union
▶ I will put myself out there and run with a club
▶ I will try a new restaurant by myself
▶ I will take a cooking class
▶ I will host a dinner party
▶ I will be kind but honest in my personal relationships,  including how I treat myself.
▶ I will take a selfie once a month
▶ I will buy a new bike and ride to work
▶ I will run my first ultra!
▶ I will work to make a new friend
What do you have planned for 2014?