Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My to do list

I keep a running list of the things that I need to or would like to accomplish throughout the year.  What does your to do list look like?

book chiropractic appt
run discovery park
run kerry park/queen anne stair climb
all clad saucier pan - 3 quart
When is Aunt C's birthday - 07/10?
run capital hill stair climb
new ID

quarterly meeting
yoga in the park
AK Ultra
Columbia tower observation deck
ck to see when Wild will be released

preservative free flu shot
09/14 trip to san fran
hike with H - Bryce canyon?

Washington outdoor women's camp?
quarterly meeting
sign up for 2015 50 miler - Wisconsin?

look at the LTC plan during AE
staff reviews
thanksgiving potluck

bird seed stars and gingerbread men
crackers with a hat/jokes
book Kilimanjaro trip

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