Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kauai day 6, Honopu Ridge Trail

We trekked to the end of the road, stopped at all of the Waimea Canyon lookouts, and hiked the thorny bush trail (we renamed it).  Capped day 6 off with a nighttime soak in the hot tub, attempting to loosen our stiff muscles.   There is sure to be more adventure tomorrow!

Kauai day 5, rest day!

Kauai day 5 was a rest day, but we still managed to find a damn good salad, our first rainbow, Queens Bath, and a wee bit of adventure!  (We may have such through a stranger's yard while attempting to catch the sunset!   Lol....)

Kauai days 2-4, Hiking the Na Pali Coast

The hike along the 11 miles of Na Pali coastline to Kalalau was amazing,  challenging,  exhausting, and breathtaking.  We hiked along cliff sides, drank from mountain streams, swam in a cave and showered in a waterfall.  We watched sunset, stars, and sunrise on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  Met a pirate, Hawaiian chief,  and some naked hippies.  Tried noni (tastes like blue cheese!) and passion fruit right from the tree.  Capped it off with a boat ride that made me glad to be alive - Na Pali is truly an amazing place. 

Kauai day 1

Found Heather and got our gear together for our Na Pali coast hike, we are off tomorrow!

Her Tern Half

What a great race! 
The Her Tern Half marathon runs along the Chester Creek trails providing a shady and beautiful course.  I struggled a bit with foot pain, but settled in with a lovely group of girls and finished in 2:45.  Not my fastest half, but not my slowest either.
Next year Heather and I are talking about running a marathon in Cordova,  sounds like fun!