Thursday, January 2, 2014

14 new things for 2014

Here is my main ambition for 2014:  be amazing.  To challenge myself and don't allow myself an out.  To be uncomfortable,  to learn, to grow.
So this year instead of weekly pictures,  I have picked 14 new things that I would like to try or accomplish in 2014 (also noted under the Life List tab):

▶ I am going to make (and use) a gratitude/art journal for 2014, I will post a monthly photo,  but my goal is to focus on the generosity of the world, the good things I tend to overlook.
▶ I am going to take swimming lessons... yep, I'll be honest,  I'm scared!
▶ I will visit another new country!
▶ I will have legitimate intitials after my name
▶ I will kayak lake union
▶ I will put myself out there and run with a club
▶ I will try a new restaurant by myself
▶ I will take a cooking class
▶ I will host a dinner party
▶ I will be kind but honest in my personal relationships,  including how I treat myself.
▶ I will take a selfie once a month
▶ I will buy a new bike and ride to work
▶ I will run my first ultra!
▶ I will work to make a new friend
What do you have planned for 2014?

1 comment:

Heather Rae said...

I really love your list! I've thought many times about doing an art journal and am considering starting one this year also. :)