Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Accomplishing some 2010 goals!

I've been running!  And hiking!  I actually think the hiking has really helped the running, but I am excited to report on both fronts.  :)
I have always wanted to be this cool:
Heather and I have completed three hikes toward my goal of five this year, and I have been running for 30 minutes on the treadmill several days a week (lunchtime gym runs!).  I am feeling pretty fit and accomplished!

Snow Lake made for a beautiful hike, even with the fog, but it was a very rocky trail making the way home seem never-ending - Heather and I were both wishing for hiking boots!  The grade was easy, and I would do it again for a better glimpse of the lake.
Next weekend we are off to Kendall Katwalk, and the following week we are going to do Blanca Lake - these are going to be a challenge, but I can't wait!

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