Monday, March 12, 2012

Dinner ideas?

This weekend was all about cleaning and exercise. Two yoga classes, boxing and a clean house! This week I have oats for breakfast and salads for lunch. Dinner is trickier, but we have lots of eggs and veggies. I just need to be strong enough to pick healthy things when my partner is eating fettuccine every night.

Have you ever dealt with this? He tries to be supportive, but is enrolled in a sustainable culinary program, so my go to sources of lean protein are tossed out the window as inhumane and unsanitary, and he is making pasta! Lol…. I’m trying to be supportive of his program/education and truthfully I make almost every ‘processed’ thing that we eat, baked goods, bread, granola, jam - all from scratch.

But I am finding limitations such as no ground meat (I really need to buy a meat grinder! Lol….), and no products owns by pepsi (even if organic) to be difficult!

Help! Lol…. I need some lean dinner ideas. What are your favorites?

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