Sunday, April 26, 2009

FlorAbundance and a Banana Tree

David and I made a trip out to the FlorAbundance Plant Sale yesterday, it was amazing! They had a good selection of trees, flowers, and native plants, a ton of tomatoes (though they were small, ours already have flowers!), and a few other edibles. The weirdest plant we found was this spiny creature:

I did not buy that crazy thing, but I did buy a banana tree:

This is a Dwarf Orinoco Banana, and I think it is actually supposed to grow bananas! (We are pretty excited at the prospect!) Also check out that small pot on the left, that is the Fuji Apple! it is about an inch tall!


Anonymous said...

Wow, do you have high ceilings? I think bananas grow pretty tall! :) Cute little apple. Are you growing it from a seed? A lot of apples don't come true from their seeds, you probably already know that. They have to be grafted onto root stock from another tree.

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog and putting me on your blogroll, I'm flattered! I look forward to reading more of your life in our funny old town. - Karen

Anonymous said...

very interesting, thanks