Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bedtime notes

It is my bedtime, but I had a couple quick things I wanted to share.  :)
1.  A bird pooped on me today.  I think that is supposed to bring good luck, but really it was just kind of yucky.  Thankfully nothing gross got in my hair, and it was poring rain, so I wasn't stinky at work.
2.  My fancy earrings were delivered today!
3.  I found another career possibility, two people have hired me to paint on their walls, one I am doing as a gift (baby) and the other is going to pay me!
4.  Do you know how to poach an egg?  It was pretty easy, and tasty!  I had mine over salad.
5.  Remind me to tell you about making polenta in the crock pot, it is DELICIOUS!  :)  
Night all, happy Wednesday!

1 comment:

TJ said...

OH NO! BAD BIRD!! lol Sorry you got pooped on!

:) Love the earrings! They look cute on ya! :) (THANK YOU!)

I do not know how to poach adn egg- so I got these silicone cups that you use- they work well but you need to spray them with PAM or you will not get the egg out. lol

I wanna know about the polenta crock pot recipe!!! Post soon! :)