Saturday, July 3, 2010

Port Townsend

We've been back a week, and I cannot yet figure out a way to explain how much I love this place.
So instead of trying to describe it with words (a bench that is ours, the first fire of the year, and rose buds on a bike ride), I may just show you the things I now miss the most.
Port Townsend is a place I would love to move to, my ideal kind of town all squished together in walking/biking distance, on a bluff with beaches to wander, and ocean scented breezes. 
We spend camping trips walking beaches, snuggled together on cool nights, pretending we are roughing it, but really .... well, lets just say we camp in a tent, but there is an air mattress involved.  :)
Saturday we wandered the town on our bikes, seeing things we hadn't before, found a house I would love to own, visited a farmers' market, ate some Japanese, and visited our favorite ice cream shop.  The sun even came out for some afternoon napping and more beach exploring.
Even looking at these pictures I want to go back.  :)  It was one of the best (and most relaxing) trips we have taken together, I've already booked for next year.  :)

Where are your favorite places?

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