Friday, December 30, 2011

Short and sweet, highlights of 2011

We moved (a sweet two bedroom, well one bedroom and one guitar room lol...).

We ate, and celebrated birthdays this year with fancy restaurants. :)

I visited Mom in Oregon, this was the trip I didn't want to leave, it was like becoming friends with my Mom.

We picked berries and learned to make jam of all kinds. Next year I know we need a case of raspberry!

We impulsively took a weekend drive to look at a cafe in Oregon, we pretty much hated it on sight, but had an amazing little vacation. :)

I ran my first 5k, my first race, on my birthday. I loved looking forward to it, being nervous, and RUNNING the entire thing - no walk breaks!!! It was easily the best birthday gift I have ever given myself. Well that and the garmin! lol.....

Speaking of that garmin! After celebrating my birthday with a race I decided (or maybe discovered?) that I love running, and over the next couple months I worked up to weekend runs averaging just over 5 miles. I signed up for my first 15k an my first half marathon (both in 2012), so I'm excited to see what my highest garmin pic is for 2012!

Last but not least, I visited Mom in Hawaii for a week just before Christmas, ran on the beach and absorbed some beautiful sunshine! 2011 had some stressful spots, but also some treasured highlights! :)

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