Sunday, February 5, 2012

My dr. is encouraging a low sugar, high protein and add in a little fat diet. And I am to really focus on lowering my stress levels. While my blood work was pretty good, she is thinking that my emotional state and difficulty losing weight is mainly due to stress. Ugh.

So this weekend I have: gone to yoga, sat in the sun (hours on the patio reading my book - in February!), cleaned my house, worked in some salad, did (and paid - yuck!) my taxes, bought two new pairs of running shoes, biked 20 miles, stick fighting with D, baked bread, ate frozen yogurt while taking a bubble bath, read a book on Peru, and watched a Felicity marathon. What a weekend!

This week may be pretty stressful, but I have a date with some girlfriends on Saturday, am going to work in some running days, make my half marathon training plan, and one day this week I am going to check out the flower and garden show (dorky, I know, but I LOVE it and go every year). I can do this!

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