Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 2012

I'm tired.  There, I said it.  :)
I feel like the last 6 months have aged me, both mentally and physically.  I'm trying to fight it, but I think big life change just stresses me.  I have taken up running, added a little yoga, am trying to save save save (or at least not spend so much on groceries! lol....), but I can feel the tension in my life.  Do you know what I mean?  Where you just stop calling friends and family (all I want to do is whine a bit, and who wants to listen to that for six months in a row?).  And when they start calling to check in, you just try to focus on them (because they usually have non-whining things to discuss which are significantly more uplifting), but then after a while they notice!  (Pesky of them, isn't it?)  That you have nothing to say (my mother taught me to keep the snarky stuff to myself), and you've been saying 'fine' for an awfully long time.  But when pushed there isn't MORE to say or do, sometimes maybe there isn't an around, perhaps just a through, as in we will work through this.  Hopefully you will find us stronger soon.

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