Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hot Chocolate 15k

March 3rd I ran the Hot Chocolate 15k.... didn't train for it, just went out and ran 9 miles.  Yes, it was awesome!  lol....  I was nervous, I always am at the start of a race, and was really feeling the butterflies knowing that I hadn't done any training to work up to that 9 miles. 
The day started out cold.  I was early so I ran in to the drug store for some tissues and gloves - both were needed!  I sipped a short latte trying to stay warm and then we were off!  The sun came out and it was a beautiful run.  I could have skipped the hot chocolate at the end, it was too sweet and the bananas so green I couldn't open it, but I love the sweater (instead of t-shirt you would typically get with a race), and the weather just made for the perfect day. 

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