Sunday, March 17, 2013

Seattle's Saint Patrick's Day Dash

My plan for surviving marathon training has been to book a zillion (yes, that is right, a zillion!) races so I keep up the motivation needed to complete my long runs.  So far it is working! 
Though my watch was a liar today, I got the miles in, and I think at a pretty good pace! 

I started the morning off with some fruit puree (trying a runner's magazine suggestion for miles 6-10) and a strawberry fruit bar.  Not bad!  Waiting to start this morning was chilly, but once we got going the sun peeked out and the red wave was off running!  I haven't ever run this race before, and was I in for a surprise - it was crowded!  4 miles weaving around people was a new experiance, but it kept me busy, and I love a race involving costumes!  At the end there was kind of race expo, I grabed a bottle of water and a few snacks (which I tucked into my waist belt for future runs).  Next year I need to allow time to enjoy the expo! 

I had stopped my watch as I crossed the finish line, but somehow in the crowd it got bumped and the time was running while I was working my way out of the Seattle Center - Bummer!  Here are my race stats for proof:
Age: 34
Location: Seattle, WA
Division place: 537 out of 766
Gender place: 2734 out of 3978
Time: 42:36
Pace: 11:42
I stopped for a vanilla GU, and then I was headed home, saddly my watch and I had another difference of opinnion.  I spent about 1.5 miles at 6.36 miles.  *sigh*
Oh well, the miles got done and I am feeling pretty happy with week three of marathon training!

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