Saturday, January 2, 2016

Week 1, 2016 - Doubts and Goals

I think I have reached the end of my tolerance for being away from David, and yet we have 12 more weeks to go. One Day at a Time.
So, what to leave behind in 2015, and what to carry on?
I would like to leave behind doubt. Guilt. That question of am I good enough? I don't need to be anything more than who I am. That is enough. There are always those better, and I will continue to make mistakes, be too casual, too excited, and say the wrong thing. But when that happens, I would like to work on letting the haunting doubt go. Just let it go.
In that same vein, I have vowed to be healthier and to take better care of myself for YEARS now. Perhaps I should put some work toward that. Stop trying to fill doubt, emptiness, and anxiety with food. Spend more time outside.
My goal for this year is to push outside of comfort zones. These should do. :)

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