Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chocolate covered bananas and dating stories

A couple months after David and I started dating we took our first trip together - the train up to Vancouver, BC.
I was so nervous! I had never been to Vancouver, never traveled with David, and had never vacationed with a boy! So many new experiences in one trip: we biked Stanley park, stayed in a semi-swanky hotel, explored city streets, fell in love with the Granville Island Public Market, and had a traveling dinner date which included a Godiva chocolate covered banana.
I will admit, I kind of turned my nose up to the idea of a frozen banana initially, but (as so often is the case) David was right, they are divine!
We now make chocolate covered bananas every once and awhile, and kind of giggle that they are now one of my favorite deserts and that David MUST have sprinkles. lol... Choose your own decorations, but try them, you too will love them! :)

Chocolate Covered Bananas

Small bunch of long, ripe (organic) bananas
1-2 bags of semi-sweet (organic) chocolate chips
Popsicle sticks or chop sticks
Sprinkles, coconut, crushed nuts or any other extras you can come up with!

First, it is important that you choose ripe bananas. If your bananas are not ripe they will not taste very good, and they will break when you try to put them on the stick.

Cut your bananas in half (a whole banana is too much, trust me), insert your sticks of choice and freeze on a parchment lined cookie sheet for at least an hour.

Melt the chocolate chips in a double boiler (aka Pyrex bowl over small pan of boiling water). One thing I learned after doing this a few times - let the chocolate melt until it is silky smooth and very liquidy, when you think it is melted, let it go another minute or two, it will make the chocolate application so much easier.

Use a spatula (if you have one) to stir your chocolate while it melts, it also helps when smoothing the chocolate onto the banana. Actually, go buy a spatula if you don't have one, they are so useful! lol... Anyway, smooth the chocolate over the banana, coat with your toppings and then place back on the parchment lined cookie sheet.

Once you have coated all of the bananas, put them back in the freezer for two hours. After your bananas are good and frozen wrap them individually in saran wrap and store in the freezer for ... maybe a couple of weeks? Who knows, they get eaten very quickly in my house! :)


Heather Rae said...

I love the added sprinkles - how fun!

jc said...

that looks yummy:D