Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Egg Love

Until a couple of months ago you couldn't pay me to eat eggs in the morning, the mere mention of the idea made my stomach turn (there were several unfortunate incidents when I was a child that are better left unmentioned). No eggs for me, I was maintaining a passionate love affair with cereal!
However there came a point when I realized that my love affair with the tasty cinnamon-sugary breakfast cereal was holding me back from reaching my goal - and was therefore axed! I wandered aimlessly for a few mornings, but finally broke down and admitted my true love of eggs.
The thing is, they are so tasty and easy! One egg, a piece of toast and maybe a little fruit or veg, and a full meal you can make! French toast, egg on toast, scrambled egg, the options are limitless!
For the eggs pictured, toast one piece of wheat bread, place on plate.
Heat your pan, add a tsp of olive oil, the pan should be hot enough that the oil shimmers and may start to LIGHTLY smoke (if you have a grey smoke fog in you kitchen, wash your pan and start again at a lower temp).
Whip one egg in a bowl, poor in pan and let cook for aprox 2 mins. until set. While cooking add salt, pepper, italian herb grinder, salsa, black beans, cheese, veggies - anything you heart desires to the top of your egg.
After aprox 2 mins. using a spatula, lift one half of the omlet, and fold over. You should now have a half circle with your cheese and veggies on the inside.
Continue cooking on low heat for another couple of minutes to melt your cheese, but be careful not to leave your egg too long or it will be a tough little omlet!
Once your egg is nicely browned, add the egg to the top of your toast, garnish with tomatoes if you have them (or like them) and ta -da! Breakfast of champions!

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