Friday, February 26, 2010

Painting projects

Today I teased a co-worker about working overtime on weekends - I am pretty opposed to it myself.  However when later telling tales of my weekend plans, the same co-worker reminded that 'I don't work on weekends'.  I guess it is a question of what do you consider 'work'?
I painted our bedroom last weekend, from 'cool dip' a light an airy blue to 'jungle brush' a far more yellow than I anticipated green.  As soon as it hit the walls I knew I wasn't a fan of 'jungle brush', but thought I might warm up to it. 
Tomorrow I am off to Home Depot to find another color, something lighter, sunnier, but still green. 
I will probably paint the entryway the same new color, the bathroom will likely become a dark blue/green.  Dark brown trees added to an accent bedroom wall to form a headboard, and white birch trees featured in the soon to be dramatic bath.  Maybe black outlines around the painted art, and new white trim.  White doors too?
I am excited for the most challenging of my projects:  to flatten a textured wall in my kitchen and make a chalkboard wall.
I feel like spring is in the almost March air, it is time for a fresh coat of paint.


TJ said...

I am not a green person- but I do like the way you arranged the pictures on the wall :)

Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

I think it's so fun!! I love the pictures as well!!