Sunday, February 7, 2010

2010 Socializing and the Flower and Garden Show

Hello! This is an incredibly busy (read STRESSFUL) time of year at work, and in my free time I have been compensating with social activity! Last weekend some girlfriends and I got together for brunch at Citizen Cafe, a French/Vietnamese coffee house in lower Queen Anne.

Despite being tiny and semi-chaotic, the food at Citizen Cafe was tasty (I had the turkey crepe and a bite of the biscuits and gravy - both of which were delicious!), and they offer $5 pitchers of Mimosas! We hung out for hours and caught up on the year and a half since our last brunch get together. I love girl bonding time! :)

This weekend I meet some of my co-workers at Feierabend, a fantastic little German place in East Lake Union. The have tasty food, and if you go with a group of people you have to drink a boot! 3 Liters of beer is slightly intimidating to this non-beer lover, but I sipped in the name of workplace bonding! I was very careful not to let the boot touch the table though, I did NOT want to have to drink the whole thing! lol....
...But wait, there is more! lol... My friend Beth came into town today to join me at the Flower and Garden Show! I guess I am not too into local conventions, but I make a point to visit the Flower and Garden Show every year. I love the large displays, and each year am amazed by the full grown plants they hall in for exhibits. This year was especially interesting with several winning exhibits featuring eco-gardening, practical applications, a goat, and chickens!

I think you are all caught up, I hope you enjoyed all of the pics!


TJ said...

I love little coffee shops that ARE NOT STARBUCKS! lol :) Amazing pics from the flower & garden show! wow very cool!

Jaime said...

Love the idea of a French/Vietnamese cafe.

*sigh* Only the West Coast would have something like that.