Friday, May 28, 2010


As my brother would say, all smashed together like that, no time for spaces!  lol....  Today is the last day of my busy May work season, I am off to work after completing my 100 morning push-ups, grabbing an iced coffee, and packing my gym clothes.
David has said that he will give me $200 to complete 100 push-ups each morning before I am off on vacation to visit my friend Carrie in Vegas.  Pretty good deal right?  lol....  lets just say I asked for some specifics and then agreed promptly.  Yes, I will be buff, and he will pay for my spa time while in Vegas!  
I also am trying a new workout from the most recent issue of Oxygen Magazine.  Basically that cardio I have been killing myself at?  It is taking a back seat to some timed (light) weight lifting.  I will post more on this after I have tried it a few more times, but so far I am loving that my workout is done in half the time and I am twice as sweaty!  I am going to be doing Oxygen workouts 5 days a week during my lunch hour, and then on Saturdays David and I are going to get into some more CrossFit training.  I have been struggling with loosing fat lately, so I am trying my attack from different angles!  :)
Also, I had a comment requesting information on Jodi Picoult books, I didn't forget you, I promise!  :)
I, like most of the other women in my office have become addicted to these books, I trade them back and forth with my Mom, and love that they offer something that we both can get into.  My favorite of her books has been Plain Truth, a story about a young Amish girl who became pregnant, had the baby in the barn, and then woke up to find the baby no longer there.  The book tells of Amish life, belief, system of justice, and a mother's love.  It also included quite a bit of German/Pennsylvania Dutch, so it was fun asking David how to pronounce words properly.  :)
All of the Jodi Picoult books tell a sometimes tragic, sometime just traumatic story.  They have a legal twist involving jail time/a court case, and end leaving you wanting more, maybe hating the ending, questioning what really happened, or what you would do in that situation.  It took me two books to really be hooked, but now I have pretty much read them all.  lol....  If you liked John Grisham books, you would like these, they teach you something without you even realizing it.  :)

And one last thing!  I only have a month more in my Project 365!


TJ said...

I love bribes- I mean $ for fitness stuff! I get presents for weight loss- works for me! My iPad is on order! lol :) Whatever works right? :)

Heather Rae said...

100 push ups a day?? You're brave! I wish you luck in completing that - 'cause free spa time in Vegas, well that's just awesome. :)