Wednesday, May 12, 2010


1.  Yesterday I accidentally left my phone at home.  It's absence left me somewhat uneasy all day.

2.  I am semi-obsessed with my fingernails at the moment, I wish they always looked so nice.

3.  My Mom and I have been reading a lot of Jodi Piccult books lately.  It is her fault, she got me hooked.

4.  How are your 2010 goals shaping up?  I have had to really work to lose weight (I am a calorie tracking Queen!  ...or at least my iPhone is), but I have been dropping inches like crazy!
January and May:

5.  Tuesday also marked the 1st sandal day of the year.  :)

Happy Wednesday!

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Deborah said...

Tell me about Jodi Piccult. What about her books do you like? I'm always looking for a good read.