Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Birthday girl

One of my friends posted on FB:
‘As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to realize that what makes birthdays remarkable isn’t the fact that they commemorate having occupied the corporeal world for one more year. After all, every single day you are exactly one year older than you were 365 days ago. What makes birthdays so great - and It’s taken 30 years to grasp this - is that for one day, every 52 weeks, everyone you”ve ever loved, liked and respected tells you that they feel the same way about you, or at the very least want you to be happy. THAT is some kind of magic. And if the long-lived are to be believed, that specific kind of magic, plus a few extras (sunshine, physical activity, a bit of romance, copious wine) puts life in your years and adds years to your life.”
That totally changed my perspective today. :)
This year my birthday was simple, but I loved the day.  I took the day off work and ate breakfast in bed (homemade granola) while reading facebook birthday wishes.  Took the bus downtown, picked up coffee at my fav Italian place (cafe senso unico),  and ran to the spa for a body scrub, massage and facial.  What a treat!  Bought myself some cute jeans, and was supposed to go to a super fancy dinner, but after spending an hour trying to get home in the rain I just didn't want to be fancy!  Lol... David teased because if he had suggested going to a place that was anything less than fancy I would have been sad, it is my birthday!  But casual is sometimes perfect when it's your own idea.  :)
We ran through rain puddles to a new favorite date night spot, had the best time chatting and eating sushi with our fingers.  Crossed the street for birthday pumpkin gelatto, and home again to calls from loved ones.
Today.  I loved life.  I loved my life.
Today I was so happy, and that was the best way to spend the day.  :)

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