Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New job, long to-do list :)

My days are currently a series of lists.  Trying to learn a very big job, managing a department, something bigger, more important than I have ever done.  Previous applicable experience, yes.  But not in a situation that would actually impact someone's life if I fail.  Hotel management is not the same thing.  If your room reservation is lost or incorrect it is a small window of your life that will likely be effected.  Not the case with the current job, now we are talking about all of your retirement years.  I will learn, I can do the job, I care about it enough.
And I don't want to be the person I was while managing hotels, I want to work smarter.  I do not want to be at work all day every day. 
I will allow myself dedication to learning, but I have learned the value of life (outside of work).
Good thing international travel and vacation is encouraged.  Yes, I asked before accepting the offer.  :)
This list, perhaps not as happy as the last that I shared, but it ends well.  :)
review emails
pick up lulu pants
ck for maintenance guy
pull and review third quarter calls
make processes for everything. and link to database
update phone list with data links
as of 11/01:
book exam
hw training
train on call programs, pull calls and review fourth quarter
post ad for new rep
Cross train
discuss workload shifting
movie tickets and popcorn for gifts
update Garmin so displaying correctly
Make lemon curd
Make 2012 video
2013 - make a weekly 'my everyday life' post for blog, pics and little happy things for 52 weeks
Register for the hot chocolate run (03/03/13) and the lake union 10k
Make marathon training plan, road id, hydration pack, make a shirt with my name and a quote 'do something that scares you'
change hotel reservations, book massage
Anchorage - botanical garden and market
hike outside of homer
Buy Australia ticket, and australia race?

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