Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Zion National Park

Fall? Leaves are falling and I have pulled my coat out of the closet, but I am still having a hard time adjusting to the idea that it is no longer summer here in the PNW.

It is pretty much my own fault though; I just got back from an amazing weekend hiking in the sun at Zion National Park in southern Utah. The sunshine, and lingering scent of sunscreen, is leaving me longing for just a few more weeks of summer. :)

Zion though? It was amazing. I spent much of the trip in awe of the landscape around me, feeling like I had traveled to another country with scenery and hiking terrain dramatically different than the mountains near Seattle. Heather and I trekked up to Angle's Landing, waded through the Narrows, and lived to tell tales of the Subway. Though we had read summaries of each hike, watched YouTube videos, and seen pictures, I don't know that any of the hikes were what we expected. We are in good shape!  She just hiked a mountain in one day, and I just ran a half marathon, but 5 miles really did take 5 hours and 9 miles really did take 9 hours.  Every hike seemed more extreme than I expected… Zion challenged me, taught me to boulder and certainly made me more confident in my balance! :)

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