Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Inspiration and fitness

I have a healthy magazine addiction. I have justified this to David, stating that I used to spend tons of money on convenience store cosmetics, lotions and potions (I have switched pretty much everything I use to organic, which may cost more per bottle, but it eliminates the 'maybe this will work' shopping), cheap and uncomfortable shoes (again, comfy shoes cost more, but last longer and are better for my feet!), and clothes. Well okay, I still spend some money on clothes! As I have been losing weight I have been tossing (or rather donating) things as soon as possible - it keeps me motivated (who doesn't like the excuse to shop?) and doesn't let me slide back into a bigger size! Anyway, I have reduced spending in all of those areas, so to still get my shopping (and a little of my reading) fix, I have become a health magazine addict! lol... No girly fashion or make-up magazines here (though my favorites do often include an article or two about new organic products), I have found the health genre to be a great resource for diet tips, meal ideas, new workout ideas and life improving inspiration:

Okay, I tried to find the article online and found it tricky, but the gist? "Why not make this the year you achieve your wildest dreams?"
Why not?
I'm kind of starting to understand what people say about 'coming into your own during your 30's.'
I have been making choices, working on my goals, painting:

and I have almost (so close!) paid off my credit card! I am losing weight, and working hard on figuring out what I want. It is nice to be able to tell my family that I am doing well and really mean it.

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Heather Rae said...

Me too! I love health magazines. My favorites are Fitness and Body & Soul. And I just ordered a new one called Vegetarian Times that I'm hoping will give me some inspiration for all of this vegetarian cooking I'm planning. :)

ps...I'm loving my 30's!