Saturday, June 20, 2009

Winery comparisons

Last weekend we took a brief tour of Chateau Ste Michelle, which (though I have never been) I can only compare to my perception of Disneyland. Seattlites rave about Chateau Ste Michelle, the beautiful grounds, the wineries history, blah blah blah... I was not impressed! They were friendly, and did have some beautiful artwork and historic pictures of the grounds, but my favorite part was an old greenhouse:

I am fairly sure that my dad needs to build me a replica when we buy a house! lol... :)
Part greenhouse and part art/pottery studio? :)
Anyway, I have heard 2006/2007 were difficult wine years, but the wines we tasted were nothing compared to the wines we tried at Covington Cellars! (They have become the standard by which we compare other wineries!)

David's parents were in town last weekend for their annual visit, they stayed at the Inn at Virginia Mason, which was beautiful and inexpensive! We also enjoyed an impromptu date night at their Rhododendron Room, David was chatting up a German waitress who offered alternate dialect lessons, she was sassy! and their food was good!

Anyway, I hope you all are having a good weekend and don't forget to call your father tomorrow!

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