Monday, June 22, 2009

Online fish dating

Spike (a convict cichlid) is a bit of a social butterfly (do you see him in front of the clay pot?). His interests include: baking, eating new tank friends, digging up rocks and plants, watching the computer while I am looking up fish/aquarium details (I think he thinks the fish on YouTube are real) and flirting mercilessly (he's hoping I will give him a shrimp or algae pellet). He is seeking a female convict for long term clay pot sharing and moonlit swims.

Breaking the diet/healthy cookie trend, I made David some chocolate chip cookies last night. Just the Betty Crocker recipe (well, okay I always change something! I added some macadamia nuts), they were not fancy, but I had forgotten how wonderfully delicious the bad for you cookies can be!

I had a VERY hard time avoiding cookies today! :)

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Jess :) said...

on the cookie topic - grains, chocolate and nuts are all verrry good for you. ;) heehee....
Your fish is cute! But don't tell him, it might confuse him since I'm married - I don't want to come off like a hussie. ;)