Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Elliot Bay Book Company and the EBC

Okay, one more post before bed.  :)
If you live in Seattle, I'm sure you know.  Elliot Bay Book Company (aka my most favoritest book store ever) has relocated (closer to my house!).
Within the last week I have visited (ahem) several times.  One time I even brought my own book so I could just hang out.  The thing is, it's Seattle.  It rains here, a lot.  Or at least it has been this year.  We all know what that means right?  Coffee, rain, and the bookstore?  They go hand in hand! 
The thing is, this bookstore is just sooooo good!  They always have authors coming in to speak (many of which are free events), they have amazing book recommendations from the employees (I have found many of my most favorite books due to that recommendation wall), and though this is a new location, it still smells like the old one, only this one has the addition of amazing skylights.  Needless to say, it is love.  (I think I need to join one of their book clubs!)
Oh, and the new EBC (Elliot Bay Cafe), they still have my favorite salad:  Arugula, pear, goat cheese, and roasted pine nuts.  I'm listing this as restaurant #4 for the year, because well, I told my boyfriend that if I am ever missing and he can't find me, I am probably here.  :)
'Night all!  :)

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