Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Bloedel Reserve

I've been wanting to post pictures, but you know, busybusy.  :)
The Bloedel Reserve is amazing, have you ever been?  We had tried to visit before, but were unsuccessful, so I've been lusting after it's beauty for some time. 
With David's parents in town we had the perfect excuse for a ferry trip and trek about the reserve.
Here's the thing that makes this place so amazing:  It used to be someone's retirement home.  People lived here, loved this place, the grounds, the space, the view of the ocean, the zen garden and Christmas pond, bridges and orchids, all of this beauty belonged to someone.  And now you can wander through.
It was the perfect afternoon, a long stroll through a beautiful space, a perfect place to take family or out of town guests. 
....and there is a wishing bench.  :)
What would you wish for?

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Morhu said...

Wow! That is gorgeous! Now I need to make a trip to Seattle just to take a (much shorter trip) to the reserve!