Sunday, June 3, 2012

Race for the cure 5k

Yesterday we hiked up a mountain, David's first hike with me and .... well,  we got to the top just in time for a downpour!!!  Lol.... I could only laugh, I so wanted him to fall in love with hiking just like I have, but Rattlesnake Ledge let me down!  Lol....

Anyway, this was another weekend of hiking and racing, today I ran
the Race for the Cure 5k - and was pretty happy with my time!
Location: Seattle, WA
Overall place: 263 out of 353
Time: 36:44
Pace: 11:50
All and all I loved this race, and felt like it was really well supported.  They had the streets closed off for us, and there were tons of people cheering along the sidelines!
I ran this one for my Mom (who is an amazing survivor!!!), and for myself, every mile makes me healthier!  But I have to tell you, running along and seeing all of the girls 'running for Mommy' was really moving. 
This race challenged me, but I made it without crying!  :)

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