Monday, June 11, 2012


I don't know that I am feeling super race ready or confident, but all of the months of training are quickly coming to a close. Two weeks to race day!
The last of my long runs are done, I ran 9 miles around Greenlake on Saturday, and 3.5 around Ballatd on Sunday ... but, truthfully, after just 9 miles I was beyond exhausted and that scares the crap out of me. I know I can walk forever. I know I can hike almost as far, hell three months ago I was hiking some serious Peruvian mountainsides. But *run* 13.1? I'm shaking in my boots sneakers.
I need to remember to take in more calories, but now is too late in the game to practice this... Lol... good grief! I feel like I need new socks, I have been getting blisters, I need more sharkies, I need to figure out clothes and bus schedules, my ear is totally hurting, the Dr. said that it is probably just stress! Lol.... the fear/nerves may be silly, but I can't seem to shake them! I really want to rock this, I want to be proud of the accomplishment. I will be by myself on that day, I asked my family to come, but they couldn't make it, and my boyfriend is working, no one to take me to the starting line and hold my extra clothes, take my picture, or cheer me on with wacky signs, this is just about me.

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