Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rant of a Master Gardener

Mom is out to be famous, she keeps sending me fancy plant things! Above, the All-About-Sprouts growing system, I started some Alfalfa, California blend, and Zesty Kitchen sprouts today, I will keep you posted on their growth!
This weekend we were on a tomato hunt. We have one determinate Patio tomato plant that is producing tomatoes and doing great, and two indeterminate Roma tomatoes that are going crazy! I had previously followed through on my threat to hack the Roma's off, but not even chopping off the tops tamed their beastly indeterminate nature, so while shopping at Fred Meyers, we consulted with a "Master Gardener" looking for a recommendation on some determinate varieties. The "Master Gardeners" said I couldn't grow tomatoes indoors! That I had to have bees!
David and I simply stated that I already had tomatoes growing, that you could in fact grow tomatoes indoors, thanked them for their time and walked away, but I was quite bothered by this experience, why would you call yourself a "Master Gardener" and not know that this could be done? Tomatoes are self fertilizing, or even if they have difficulties (and a little shake shake shake doesn't work), fertilize with a Q-tip!
I guess I don 't know what is necessary to classify oneself as a "Master Gardener". Could I call myself a Master Gardener?

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