Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weekend madness

It seems this week (and last weekend) have gotten away with me. Last weekend after reformatting the computer and cleaning like a mad woman, David and I toured my Grandmother about town during her layover in Seattle. We took her to the Japanese Koi pond in the Arboretum, out for a sandwich and then over to the Conservatory for more walking (and plant admiring). We had tea at my house and then whisked her off to the airport for her flight continuation (I don't need to mention that the airport drop off was a tad early because we had run out of things to do!). After dropping my brother off, we raced home for some last minute relaxation before the start of the week - I had my first alternating 6am shift on Wednesday, and to compensate spent the last 9 hours dead asleep. How are you all doing?
lol... Oh! I have also decided to start my own business illistrating greeting cards! I bought a sketch book yesterday and am going to try to build up a body of work... start a *real* website (also listing other art), bid for freelance jobs, and submit to card companies. Maybe this could work out to that stay at home artsy job I have always wanted? My fingers are crossed!

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