Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Worm poop!

David teases me that I like some of our plants better than him, I get so attached to their progress! So last year when my tomatoes had a rather unfortunate case of blossom end rot (this is where the end of the tomato turns brown and starts to rot before it even gets a chance to ripen) I had a mild panic attack! lol...
There are several things that can cause blossom end rot: extreme transitions between drought and over watering, high heat, too much sun, or a calcium deficiency.
Despite our fancy soil, our problems seemed to be due to a calcium deficiency, so I bought some calcium rich worm poop! How much fun is it to go around telling people about your forays in worm poop purchasing?
Check out the TerraCycle website - they have tons of great stuff (highly recommend the tomato fertilizer!), and they have made a great business doing good things for the environment - making trash into treasure!

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Anonymous said...

I was out visiting my new pet worms today. I hope they are pooping up a storm! It will be a while before I can harvest any of their composted castings, so in the meantime maybe I'll look for some Terracycle stuff. That's pretty cool packaging, it looks like an energy drink or something! Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog about the planter box. I feel weird about giving out people's addresses, but it's in Wallingford not too far far off 50th near the business district. Is that close enough? :) - Karen