Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend painting

I love Spring, Summer and Fall for the outside time - Saturday I hiked around in the Arboretum (and bought a few more plants on the way home!), and today we tried for a jog, hit up the Broadway Farmers Market, and then went out for a bike ride. We defiantly made the most of the fantastic weather this weekend, though all this fresh air has made me lethargic, and my bed is calling my name.
I wanted to show you this painting that I have been working on. Saturday inspiration struck and I have finally added a bit to the Koi:

Also I have to strike out the goal of making the Broadway local farmers market a weekend tradition, we hit up opening weekend and while there was some great looking produce, it was so expensive! We sadly walked away without buying anything, but came home to our first pea:

Anyway, Happy Mother's Day Mom (I haven't forgotten the tomato fertilizer info request, I will post it soon!), I hope you guys all had a great weekend!

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Heather Rae said...

What a beautiful painting!