Sunday, August 9, 2009

Goal update

I am sorry for the lack of baking, lack of recipes, I can only say that I have been battling with myself as my own worst enemy.
I am working hard on meeting a weight loss goal that I set for myself in April. Six months to loose 50 pounds. A goal that was made in effort to reduce my risk factors for breast cancer, to become healthier, happier, fast and fit! lol... I joke, but it bothers me that I have to check that one box. No one likes to submit to the squishing in the first place, why add an uncomfortable run in with an 'overweight' check box? No reason, there is no good reason, I'm telling you that now.
Only it is also difficult to focus so intently on weight loss. I wasn't crazy, I knew this was going to be a challenging goal, involving hours and hours and hours at the gym, but I like the gym. I like working hard, feeling that seance of satisfaction, making progress and rewarding myself with a trashy magazine and 20 minutes in the steam room.
I did not however anticipate the mental battle.
I cut out sugar, processed foods, and now breads and cereal. I know that seems like crazy talk, but really what it leaves is just real food. Meat, salad, eggs, yogurt, cheese, fruit, seafood, veggies; and yes the occasional turkey sandwich and milkshake at a baseball game.
I'm not perfect, but I am trying really hard to reach this goal.
More good news? A few months ago I was running up to 10 minutes straight, but then hurt my foot. Badly.
Plantar fasciitis, and I couldn't run at all. For months.
Add in some fancy fancy running shoes, and probably five months of healing time, and I am finally back into the running game. Two or three minutes at a time, four or five times in a row, stretching in between and trying to do a little more each time. We are making progress folks! :)
Anyway, the long and short of it is: no baking for awhile.
I have a fantastic boyfriend making me breakfast in bed each morning (talk about supporting goals! Holly Cow!), and I am trying to cut out the baking.
I will try to find some healthy recipes for you though, I promise.

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