Sunday, August 2, 2009

Silence Heart Nest, Fremont

David and I headed over to Fremont for the day, wandered around a bit and tried a new (to us) restaurant, Silence Heart Nest. We were drawn to the restaurant because it was PACKED, which I feel is a strong indication of tasty food! All of these people would not be waiting in line if the food was bad right?
Silence Heart Nest is a vegetarian restaurant, and though we are meat eaters, I was really in the mood for some tasty eggs or brunch related item.
We waited in line, our names on the list, butts on a handy bench outside, enjoying the people watching... were seated and tried chatting, but it was so noisy! We couldn't really talk much, tried to shout back and forth, but mostly just enjoyed the chatter around us.
I had a latte (fantastic foam, bland coffee) and the Texan Wrap (with eggs, black beans, salsa, guacamole, and sour cream - which was tasty!) served with home fries (cubed potatoes with herbs and maybe a bit of curry? I wish they had been crispy, they were kind of soggy and lack luster).
David had the Center of the Universe scramble (when asked if he liked it he said 'yeah', giving it a 5 out of 10).

The cons: It was LOUD, and it took a *really* long time for our food to arrive. We almost left before the food arrived it was that bad.
The pros: Pretty good food, I'm glad we hung in there (we were really hungry!) I would give my food a 6, resulting in an average score of 5.5 - above average right? :)

While waiting to pay for our food we devised a new game of rating restaurants.... this one scored a 3.75 (I voted a 4, David a 3.5), the noisy atmosphere and long wait outweighed my tasty wrap.

Silence Heart Nest
3508 Fremont Place N
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 633-5169

:) Do you guys have any good food recommendations?

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