Monday, August 10, 2009

Julie and Julia

One quick tidbit before I head off to work this morning - Go see Julie and Julia!
I feel like there has been a lot of press surrounding this movie; commercials, special book displays, even a huge article in the Glamor magazine I was reading in the gym.... and well, overplayed usually means bad in my book, but this movie was great!
I loved Meryl Streep's portrayal of Julia Child, cracked up when David spent the rest of the day saying 'helloooooo', loved that the movie stayed so close to the book, and loved that this was the first movie David and I have EVER seen in a theater! He hates previews, chick flicks and anything made after 1990 (I tease), but I was so excited to see this movie (after reading the book approximately 5 times), that he consented to a movie date, and afterward actually said he liked it! lol...
Anyway, I wasn't alone in my adoration, the movie crowd ranged young to very very old, everyone was laughing throughout the movie, and thanking the friend that brought them when leaving.

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